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Hi, a newbie...um, and i just want to make sure i follow the rules.

 hello all list-makers. i do love lists, hence my joining this community, but i just want to make i am following the rules, traditions, general drift, of the community. having look around a but, i notice that most of the lists are about songs, which is cool, i have many song lists i could post, but is the community just based on songs, or are any kind of top 5 lists also allowed? you know: 

-Top Five Movies to Watch On LSD while you're house-sitting for your friends.. 
-Top Five LEGAL ways you can screw with your boss and not get caught..
-Top Five ways to annoy your cat when he/she is trying to sleep (p.s. nothing painful, just annoying). 
-Top Five ways to mess with an obnoxiously superior-acting environmentalist.

and other such lists...

so, are all top five lists allowed, or just music? if it's just music, that's cool, i can certainly participate, if that's ok. 

Thanks! Just asking, i wanted to make sure i wasn't stepping on anyone's toes. 

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