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ah hello everyone!
this will be my first list here and I think that I am gonna give you my top five of soundtracks (That are my top 5 now) and why of course...

1. 21 Grams
- For me the music really reflect the movie. it is so much feelings in the music and since the movie is pretty quiet so to speak the movies feelings is in the music. there are no lyrics to the music and it is kind of a silent music but I dunno, it just really reflects for me

2. BrokeBack Mountain
- it is the same man (Gustavo Santaolalla) who made the music for BBM as it was for 21 grams and here again; it is a hard movie to put in words so they reflect it in the music. Gustavo is just so good and I just love this soundtrack.

3. Love song
- I dunno how many who have seen this movie (Christian Kane is in one of the leadroles) the music that they have in this movie is just so good. I am very much into blues and soul right now so this movie is just so..well, all I can say is see the movie and listen to the music :D

4. Walk the line
- Phoenix does such a good job as Cash and I mean, this is the next best thing to Cash. he did an awsome job and I think that all Cash fans (like me) thinks that he did a very very good job.

5. The oc
- to have music to a tv show is very good. then you can have these silent scenes and still show feelings but through songs. I think that The oc is a show that really got it right. they are also very good to give underground bands promotions.
so there we have it...
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